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We know what we are 


Everything you can imagine is real

- Pablo Picasso - 

  Artist By Day is a multimedia artist/graphic designer living in the heart of downtown Atlanta. She is working on her bachelor's degree at Georgia State University while exploring many different media to create her work, such as paint, pencils, crayons, computers, and much more. Artist By Day is a driven artist that has yet to find her style and says that she is no longer looking for one. Stating that in many books and movies, there are young superhero children that have many powers, but as they get older, they are told to lean in one and perfect it, which causes the other powers to weaken and go away. She feels that art styles have the same principle, and she wants to spend her time pushing herself to create and explore many stripes and mediums and encourage other artists to not worry about finding a style but continue to create. 

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